guys roller skating is so fun I want to roller skate all the time 😍👌🍹

A kid has never called me mom but I have been called both “daddy” and “grandma” by campers smh at these confused children 😑

to heck with more cowbell 🎶👺 🔊

🍑 💍 👽 😑 🌺 🍮 🍸

im a good fucking counselor

I have now gotten stung by a wasp twice (JUST NOW ON MY FUCKING LIP!!) while being in the middle of talking to kids and I didn’t cuss

🔥 😠 😭 🐝 😱

I need to go home I can’t deal with these children today 😩 😠 😑 🔥

😍 🔥 ♒ 🍥 🐌 ✨ 🍄

I just realized this is my last summer as a teenager

Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins.
The most comforting beauty advice I’ve ever been given. (via cinniie)


This little rant described the way I look at religion perfectly.